Coppins Well - The Story

Coppins Well celebrates the story of Charles Coppin, who dug the first well on First Hill in 1875.

In 1875, Charles Coppin dug the first well on First Hill, a catalyst for the grand mansions that established the area as a residential neighborhood. The well produced 900,0000 gallons of the “finest quality water” every 24 hours and was referred to as a “prudent tap.”

Coppin Waterworks, as the well was known, served First Hill families through nearly five miles of bored-log pipes that Charles laid across the hill. The City bought his system in 1899 and razed the associated water tower. The Frye family (founders of the Frye Art Museum) built their home on this site, with the future museum adjacent at the corner of Terry and Cherry.

Coppins Well celebrates the history of First Hill with a new living opportunity in one of Seattle's first residential neighborhoods. First Hill today is a place of art and culture, and of course, wellness. We look forward to introducing Coppins Well to the community!

Coppins Well

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